Wednesday, June 25, 2008

March 23, 2006: Air Canada Center, Toronto, Ontario Night Two

March 23, 2006
Air Canada Center
Toronto, Ontario
Night Two

How We Saw The World - TV Special
Video: Proshot / Audio: Soundboard

DVD sat DVB-S broadcast, recorded w/Topfield 5400 > Authored w/ DVD Studio Pro > PRO SHOT,...

PRO SHOT, PAL This was filmed to be included in a potential DVD release. Back in August it was announced this footage would be televised. More than 20 cameras where used. I am happy to have recorded the broadcast from 3sat (Germany) one TV that is strong in culture and bradcast a lot of music (mainly classical and jazz music) with a very high data stream. So better than this only the HD. Barely some commercial DVDs have this quality. Enjoy it.

Square One
Speed of Sound
God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
What If
Don't Panic
White Shadows
The Scientist
Til Kingdom Come (acoustic)
Ring of Fire (acoustic)
Trouble (acoustic)
Swallowed in the Sea
In My Place
Fix You

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