Sunday, January 17, 2010


to Coldplay Live!

This site is a continuation of The Scientist Gigography but being continued into the Twisted Logic and Viva La Vida Tour. Since I took off from updating that site during the years of X+Y I am now making up for it by linking what occurred during that time off.
Why move the gigography to blogger? Because its easier to search and tag each show, allows fans to comment for any show, and it dosen't have bandwidth or file space restrictions.
Make use of the tags on right and search box in the upper left. They'll help you locate any show.
For now I've got 2005-2007 complete. I'll soon move on to Viva La Vida and all the upcoming and completed shows.
We're looking for every show to have photos & video linked, setlists, reviews, coldplay wiki, and messageboard links ( so we've got a lot to add here. Any articles, youtube clips will be posted if we find them as well. If you've got something to contribute throw it in comments or the chatbox.

Twisted Logic Tour

Latin America Tour

Viva La Vida Tour 2008-09